Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jam Of The Day: Trey Songz x Chris Brown "Made Me" (Remix)

"Made Me" 

Trey and Chris dominated this project equally as they are both greats. These Virginia natives definitely provided that sexy business and laced this track. The way they tag team within the verse is amazing and very creative. I would like to hear this while out partying soon as this would have the summer jumping. Anyway, I cannot stop listening to this track as I already love the original song by rap artist Snootie Wild. There are a few awesome tracks from this duo mixtape "TRGAxBRZY" by Trey Songz and Chris Brown so check it out.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jam of the Day: Kirk Franklin and God's Property "The Storm Is Over Now"

" I feel like I can make it, the storm is over now "

This is the song our class sung at our 8th grade graduation and it has forever been stored in my heart. With beautiful melodies and claiming the victory with very word this song can surely uplift you.
 Lately, I found myself humming and singing this beautiful tune by Kirk Franklin so I decided to share my energy.

***Life can for sure seem to break you down before it builds you up but the transformation speaks volumes. The goal is to simply find joy in your course through life and give thanks as you persevere. Be blessed. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jam Of The Day: Tyler The Creator "IFHY"

I hate you…but yet I love you. The thin line! IFHY

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love Tyler The Creator. For me he is a musical genius but he would have to come after Kanye of course. Artists that are able to direct their own music videos,  produce their own beats, rap on them while ensuring that track has substance, intricate transitions, shock factor, and realness are greats to me. Yes, there are many greats who are able to do the same without producing the track but for me this is a level up from just being a rapper/storyteller.  Not only is this video creative, weird/different, and creates a hell of a visual if you actually listen to the story he is telling its amazing. Tyler then switches up the beat and flow then proceeds to go complete ham at the end. I was in awe the entire time and had to watch it twice just so I could soak in the amazing feeling all over again. He kept my attention from the visual and pleased my ears with the bars. Sighs. Tyler just be my friend already now lol. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jam Of The Day: Twista featuring Do Or die "Do You"

"23's like Jordan on the Escalade"

This joint took me back to my South Side Chicago living on King Drive days. I use to fall asleep to the radio as a soothing way to ease into my dreams. I remember this track on WGCI and I fell in love with Twista. He is definitely a great when it comes to a lyricist and Do Or Die just finesses the track oh so gracefully.  For some reason this song popped in my head earlier and I had to post it. Hope it vibes you out well too!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jam Of The Day: Soul For Real "Candy Rain"

Throwback Sunday Jams

"My love, do you ever dream of. Candy Coated Raindrops?
You're the same, my candy rain"

Im taking y'all back to 1994-1995 with this one. Some day I'll be appreciated lol

My love, do you ever dream of
Candy Coated Raindrops?
You're the same, my candy rain

Have you ever loved someone
So much you thought you'd lied?
Giving so much of yourself
It seems the only way

Tell me what you want and I
And I will give it to you
'Cause you are

My love, do you ever dream of
Candy Coated Raindrops?
You're the same, my candy rain

My love, did you ever dream
That it could be so right?
I never thought that I would find
All that I need in life

All I want, all I need, now I know,
I found it in you, I found it in you
'Cause you are

My love, do you ever dream of
Candy Coated Raindrops?
You're the same, my candy rain

My love, do you ever dream of
Candy Coated Raindrops?
You're the same, my candy rain

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Music From Bad Milli: "Starve Mode" ** Snippet**

The Unveiling of A Queen :  BAD M I L L I

As the release of her debut mixtape, "MILLI The Unveiling", approaches she is growing out of that shell and finally speaking her mind beyond just normal conversation. Just a cool young lady that has been through many of the same struggles that many are facing now. Having the ability to thrive in this space where she has lost both parents and tends to turn to her music to release her frustrations. Also sometimes feeling like the lone wolf she unfortunately sticks out like a sore thumb as beautiful freckles invade her face's space. Her mixtape will indeed tell a story and it will offer the listener insight into the pain behind the oh so rare smile. Raised in Chicago she is now based in New York and finding her way through life with music, prayer and meditation. Feeling as if some listeners may get tired of waiting Milli has begun releasing snippets of songs to ensure the listeners that she is definitely working.  Just stick with the chick who just wants to live the rest of her life telling her story and helping others realize that they too can make it through the storm. Blessings to all who read this!

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/bad_milli 
Instagram: Bad_Milli
YouTube: Bad Milli

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jam Of The Day: Snootie Wild featuring K Camp "Made Me"

"Shout out to my haters… You my motivator… That's why we be motivated"--- Snootie Wild

So while attempting to go extremely hard at my Insanity DVD Workout this track just so happen to grace my Pandora. I tend to go to my "Migos" Pandora Station for that upbeat party party party music and behold….. "Made Me" came on. Not only did I have to temporarily pause my dvd I had to get myself together as I started dancing around forgetting all about working out. I would consider it a slight workout within the workout actually LOL. Hope it makes you feel the same way! Enjoy

I'm a spiffy nigga
Yeah affiliated
Orchestrated with my mob and it's so amazing
Hundred, fifty, twenties, all I see is paper
Smokin' on Jamaica
You get wrong you meet ya maker
Poppin' bottles, shout out to my haters
You my motivator, that's why we be motivated
All this gwualla, all black them Raitors
Running in yo' shit
We ain't gone quit, until we take 'em
(aye aye aye)
Only if you know
Broke no joke (joke)
Coming from the ghetto
Not no mo' (mo')
Always on go mode
Tic tac toe (aye)
Light it up yo' ho

Read more: Snootie Wild - Made Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jam Of The Day: The Underachievers "Herb Shuttles"

Herb Shuttles

If you are looking for an eclectic duo then Issa Gold and AK deliver that plus more. Reigning from Brooklyn "Flatbush" NY they have definitely made more than a name for themselves. They have the ability to put thought in the mind and soul of an individual. True Kings who provide that knowledge and sense of self are what these two serve the listener, with impeccable flow as the main entree. I was introduced to this group last week by a friend and now I cannot get enough. Trippy, psychedelic, powerful music that elates my being and I feel as if I need to break down the verses to truly understand their mental. The Underachievers are Hip Hop and I am glad that I now know who they are. In "Herb Shuttles" they tag team the verses and give you great lyrical content very well beyond just substance. They give you music for the mind, body, and soul. Vibe with me!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jam Of The Day: Keri Hilson "Slow Dance"

"Put your arms around me boy
I got something to show you tonight
And you know I need your undivided attention baby
Ain't no other girl that can rock your world like I"

So this past weekend I had what I would call a very great date which ended with an amazing slow dance. Being that I am very shy it takes a while for me to warm up to a person in general and this slow dance definitely did just that for me. As we rocked back and forth oh so harmoniously his hands around my waist and my face snuggled in his neck every worry of mine seemed to cease. As I await for another chance to slow dance with HIM I will leave this here song by Keri Hilson in remembrance of my perfect SLOW DANCE.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Jam of The Day: Jagged Edge "Put A Lil Umph In It"

Start squeezin' and you won't let go
When you put a little umph in it
Keep tellin' me how much you love me
When you put a little umph in it
When you put a little bit of umph in it, ooh

So this past weekend I was opn my R&B Thug Flow and decided to purchase this song for a special playlists. *Winks*
I used to love this song so I went to pay a visit to their album Baby Makin' Project and grabbed this and a few others. Not only does this track take me back a few years it just reminds me of when R&B Artists used to actually make songs to make women fall in love. SIGHS.