Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PyroTraxx ft. Bad Milli #STRS

" It's time to Set The Record Straight"

New official video from your favorite Uptown Bronx artist accompanied by the freckled beast Bad Milli. Bar after bar PyroTraxx shows you that he is a master when it comes to making music. This PyroTraxx/Rich Boss Family production was shot by the amazing RBF Youngy who also holds that Creative Director hat along with Pyro. While shooting I must also acknowledge the support and motivation from other Rich Boss Family members RnB Flee, RBF Sky, and friends. This is only the beginning as they are already making beautiful progress towards that in which is destiny. Stay awake and stay tuned to Rich Boss Family and the arrary of different artists, writers, engineers, producers, and videographers' that it possesses.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Awake And On A Journey

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 
― C.G. Jung

"That's how I stay on top baby. I look at life from every position. I play from every side. You gotta know what each man on the board is thinking down to the littlest mutherfucker like the pawn"
~ Sister Souljah, The Coldest Winter Eve

Monday, October 5, 2015

Wise Guyz PREACH "All Of My Niggaz" Freestyle by Bad Milli

"Let It Be Known .... Im Neva Alone.... It Be Me And Patron"

Preach came to set the record straight that he's definitely ready but better believe all of his niggaz are ready too. In his latest  freestyle Preach is spitting his ambition and determination through these barz while keeping the listener even more intrigued  at the visual. From amazing video editing to production to such a royal demeanor ; this charm, medallion, or better yet jewel that Preach just dropped for us only let's me know that he and his Twin are cooking up a special delivery for the fans. Since releasing their latest mixtape Expensive, these two Young, Fly, and Flashy Cats have been taking over the scene. Performance after performance and hit after hit this duo is saying fuk just showing up........ we show out Pimpin!!!!!

Stay informed as I bring you more fire from the Wise Guyz Twins and their YFF Crew.

" I Be Everywhere Comfortable"-  Preach Da Playa

YouTube: Wise Guyz
DatPiff: Wise Guyz Twins - Expensive YFF2

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last Queen by Bad Milli

I am my mother's only child... so my bloodline must thrive!

I am well aware that I'm rare. From the freckles on my face to my kinky yet soft ass hair. Skin butter pecan and my movements unlike anyone. Well maybe those slightly mimicking my mom's. Strong but sensitive. Rational and inquisitive. Reserved, spontaneous, and alive. Spiritual. Nurturing. Stubborn. I dare not take anyone's shit but my own. Stern. Full of perfect love. Cause perfect love drives out fear.......So once again....I mean ...I'm well aware that I am rare. - C.M.

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” 
― Steve MaraboliUnapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Instagram: Bad_Milli
Dat Piff: Bad Milli: The Unveiling

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

King Belvy "Kindness Is Now Gone" by Bad Milli

" Forever ME"

Some say a dream is nothing more than a life like vision while your body is asleep. Others might say a dream is an unreachable goal or fantasy. King Belvy looks at dreams as something totally different. In the words of the King “a dream is nothing more than a preview of what’s to come“. {CrownedInJuly.com}

Born DeVon Evans, King Belvy, has been through the storm and has emerged accomplished but always hungry. From looking to the streets as a means of comfort/survival, to facing hard jail time, to releasing 15 mixtapes and a plethora of features; Belvy is here to stay and is reigning on his opponents. With his first mixtape released in 2001, titled Bout A Dolla Vol.1, his latest 2015 release Forever Me pulls the listener in even more so that they able to understand how much dedication and sweat he has put in over the years. Motivation and perseverance are just a few wonderful traits of this Bronx born artist but he is also a survivor, a fighter a provider; A KING. After the death of his father in 2003 Belvy turned to the streets, his pen/notebook, and the good ole Mary Jane to comfort his soul.   During this comforting he was able to get back to the music which he loved most because he could fully express himself and be his most creative in that space. He also turned to fashion and designing clothes during that time in which he incorporated "Aliante Brand".  
Earlier this year King Belvy released Forever Me which consists of 21 tracks and it even features  myself on his track "Baddie". With plenty hits encompassed into a great body of work a few of my favorites are: "Perfect Alibi", "The LyfeStyle", and "Lemonade".  Make sure you check out his website and stay awake on the greatness out here. 

"Kindness Is Now Gone Belvy is just a reminder. I can’t 

look out for everyone, some like to take advantage of 

you, life showed me that"- King Belvy

Clothing: Aliantebrand.com
YouTube: King Belvy
Email: racproductions11@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DIASPORA x Tyler Cole "Wit A Indigo" by Bad Milli

Indigo Children:The New Kids Have Arrived

"Children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities"

Willow and her friends' are exactly that in which this song states you don't wanna mess wit. Those children that posses a clear sense of self-definition and purpose. Those that have a strong feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here. They may also be categorized as misfits, rebels, and over confident. 
 I am looking forward to more of this group called DIASPORA as it consists of Willow Smith, Crystal Mec, and Tru. Willow not only bodies this track but she is able to display her amazing vocals while both singing and rapping. With a cool , psychedelic vibe this song delivers everything that their message stands for......... Freedom To Be Self! 

    "Subsequently, as your "inner eyes" (intuition) gradually open to the many marvelous and some self-destructive "worlds" within you --- with all their diverse scope of thoughts, feelings, and positive and negative forces --- you may find yourself to be a "stranger in a strange land!" 
    Guy Finley. Llewellyn, 2002


Monday, July 27, 2015

RnB Flee "Love You Down" by Bad Milli

"My ultimate goal is to teach awareness on relationship oriented lessons that the listeners' can learn from. The music that they will want to play over and over again to get through any type of relationship situation" -RnB Flee

It Gets Deeper

Not allowing his set backs to deter him from what he truly loves to do RnB Flee is taking over the R&B underground scene. This Bronx born, Harlem raised, young man is getting personal with the listener in his latest Mixtape It Gets Deeper. He isn't shy when it comes to expressing himself as you can feel the emotion and passion in the great music that he creates. Artistry is everything and RnB Flee has been perfecting his craft for over some years now. Taught how to beat box at the age of 5 ,by his older brother, and also taking mental notes while his brother freestyled to those beats was the seed planted. He speaks of being highly influenced by some of the greats such as Michael Jackson, Eric Bellinger, and R.Kelly as you can hear in his music he has been studying the game.  This young man is as real as they come as he is using every past/present life experience and is creating wonderfully vivid musical art that only RnB Flee can provide for you. 
 Flee rolls with an elite group of very talented musicians, artists', photographers', and engineers' which are also featured on his tapes. This Rich Boss Family team has every area of the music business covered and are making sure they dominate the Independent/Underground scene. Being that I have had the ability to see Flee in action when recording or even just freestyling I myself am always intrigued an inspired when he steps to the mic. Just an overall great being; RnB Flee is making music for the people, the ladies, the guys out there that don't mind sharing their emotions/thoughts and for this I admire him.  He just recently dropped a video for his single "Love You Down" which can be found on YouTube. With this single being just one of the many hits that he has I am sure that there is a track that every person can vibe to. A few of my favs would be "How Bout Now", "There's No Way", "Can We Chill" and of course "Love You Down". While you are on your way to listening to his fire make sure you download his other mixtape The Playlist which can also be found on Dat Piff.  Trust and believe that you will hear RnB Flee and Rich Boss Family on  ALL your favorite music outlets soon. Get in tune!!!

YouTube: Rich Boss Family
Soundcloud: R&B Flee
Instagram Link: www.instagram/rnb_flee
DatPiff Link: http://piff.me/63b07ee

Still Got Love

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pyro Traxx " Till I Die :Part II " (Remix) by Bad Milli

"That's why I go hard for my borough... going borough to borough burrowing underground.... I fire niggas fuk yo referral" - Pyro Traxx

Your favorite artist is more than consistent as he continues to drop heat for the people that has substance, skill, and sick visuals. It makes many of us wonder "Why hasn't he been signed yet?". I say APPARENTLY some just aren't ready for real artistry, dedication, mastering, skill,  and talent that comes with the complete package. That package being a versatile ARTIST. Pyro Traxx not only creates great music but he also has the skill of 
free-styling which keeps his music edgy, raw, and intellectual. In which this makes him a lyricist and the ultimate emcee.  Can't forget to mention that he plays the piano, is an author, composer, and engineer. This ASCAP published artist is on his way to the top with the greats and anyone who appreciates music can see that. Being that I know we all go through seasons before we reach that VICTORY: Seasons of Preparation, Seasons of Growth, Seasons of Reigning. Pyro Traxx is morphing into the UNDEFEATABLE. Make sure you check out his latest video "Till I Die" and a few others like "Michael Jordan" via his YouTube Channel. (Link Below)
 His SoundCloud definitely will keep you busy and provoke epic thinking as you allow each playlist to engulf your soul. So stop listening to those nursery rhymes you've been listening to and begin to appreciate the technique, passion, and determination behind REAL music. Pyro Traxx has that for you. 

YouTube: Pyro Traxx
"Michael Jordan": https://youtu.be/nL2crYJMqww

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1 

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Real Is Back : Charles Hamilton ft. Rita Ora "New York Raining" by Bad Milli

Pain Is Real: But Making It Through The Valley Comes Great Reward

"The beauty of our God is that He’s given us all an assignment. All of us have a specific gift, a purpose. Play the role God has given you." - Joel Osteen

And this Charles is your role..... The Walking Truth. During a 6 year stretch from 2008 to 2014 Hamilton released more music than any of us could imagine. From mixtapes, to EP's , to collaboration albums, and even 6 mixtapes all released on the same day July of 2010 Hamilton deserves this comeback. He is one of those artists' that isn't afraid to give the listener a little bit of his soul, truth, thoughts and mostly his pain. At the time when I began to follow him he was going through those valleys that seemed so dark yet as we can see they were apart of his destiny. From people saying negative things about him, to receiving psychiatric help, him feeling as if the fans didn't stick by him during his transition of finding self, and even drug/alcohol rehab Charles Hamilton has been through those Valleys. Hence, I used the plural form because this young man has risen again and is back sounding as if he has found his mental freedom plus some other enlightening knowledge. With the release of his new single "NY Raining"  and an official video featuring Rita Ora I feel as if he was resurrected to help bring back what we need in music. 

Soulful, non-judgmental , real, raw, unadulterated greatness!!!! 

Thank you Sonic The Hamilton......  

" David said in Psalm 23:5, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” It doesn’t say, “He gets rid of all my enemies, eliminates everything that’s bothering me and then prepares the table.” God doesn’t always remove the valley; He’ll bless you in the valley " - Joel Osteen

Saturday, April 4, 2015

BARRZ featuring MAINE RILLA "I Ain't Your Bro" by Bad Milli

" No Bro This , No Bro That "

The artist with the most heart and passion from the notorious Blow The Bank Entertainment crew has dropped another hit for the people. This time featuring his blood brother "Maine Rilla" who delivers that gritty hype introduction into the reality of the streets. Barrz has a subtle yet aggressive flow which draws the listener in and causes them to actually FEEL the lyrics that he is spitting. In this video you get to see Barrz from a different light as he seems to be low-key but very lethal. With his debut mixtape ,"Life Behind Barrz: Reloaded", dropping very soon he has released this single to get everyone warmed up. "I Ain't Your Bro" is produced by MikeNels and directed by Jaison Blackrose  so you know this collaboration of greatness is blessed. Best believe when that body of work drops these fake bros will be coming from everywhere trying to support. As he states in the song, "Nigga, I ain't your bro..... we don't have the same mom's we don't got the same pops". So stop fronting lol....

Be on the lookout for that mixtape and support his single!!

Follow Their Social Networks Here

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rihanna "Bitch Better Have My Money"

Rih Rih At It Again: HITS ONLY

After seeing her prank Jimmy Kimmel while playing this song, throwing money and confetti, dancing on his bed, waving a flashlight erratically, and wearing thee most killer shoes; I knew I had to hear the full song. She was vibing so hard to the song that for a minute I damn near thought I was there too during the prank lol. I am once again in love with a new hit of her's and this will definitely make me buy her next album. So, after searching Google for the song I came across her I Heart Radio performance where she first released the song and when I tell you... she slayed!!! Rocking a Don Juan green coat with a black short tankini kinda dress and pimped out boots Rihanna killed the stage. First of all she had a helicopter on stage and stepped out like the Queen that she is. Her and her dancers ever so pimpishly provided some fire choreography that of course swagged out the back hand pimp slap. Sighs.... Rihanna did her thang. Check it out!!!! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dreaming While Awake

"Not every chick is a Queen. Most chicks are just regular. Most of them know it and accept it, as long as nobody points it out. A queen is authentic, not because she says so, just because she is. A queen doesn't have to say nothing. Everybody can see it, and feel it, too" - Sister Souljah #adeeperloveinside #MilliMessage #LoveDay #TheUnveiling #freckles #Chicago #NYC #vinesbelike

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sneeze " Family Ain't Shit" featuring Tiffany Gem

Tissue 4 Boogers

Having the ability to meet this powerful, charismatic, and extremely talented young man a few months ago helped me realize what I truly wanted to accomplish myself. He continues to show up and show out while remaining true to himself and his passions. Sneeze conveys his emotions, thoughts, and determination in his newly released single, "Family Ain't Shit". Even though the subject matter is to be taken serious Sneeze created a wonderful video that just makes you feel good. He opens up and expresses his emotions through music having a great time around NYC, beautifully smiling, and telling his story while chilling with his friends who often can be more supportive than family nowadays. As I sit here and type this I begin to weigh in on my own family issues as this too is a topic that I could speak upon for hours being that I am an only child and both my parents are deceased. Many individuals out here can relate to this song and I wish much success to Sneeze as he begins to top the charts out here. Sneeze can be seen in Brooklyn and around NewYork promoting positivity and giving artists' the platform to express themselves without judgement. Get to know this creative artist and make sure to visit his YouTube and other social networks to stay in tune. Enjoy!

YouTube: @StevenSneezyBurtt

Sunday, February 22, 2015

On Cue "No Way"


After watching this video in admiration on WSHH I immediately had to tell everyone I knew that would appreciate great artistry. The video's treatment and visuals were extremely appealing but the true star was OnCue as he delivered a story behind the guy who was once overlooked. The track provided more then just bars, delivery, and substance but it made me honestly admire his perseverance. I am eager to research his work and life story now as he definitely touched my soul. On Cue in on his way to becoming the next big star and he isn't taking no $hit from anyone! No Way......

Monday, February 9, 2015

Stackz TooTrill "Juice"


***Available here for purchase here: https://itun.es/us/ISyg5

StackzTooTrill has gone global with his hit single "Juice" and it is definitely a track that gets the scene jumping. I was introduced to this creative young man via Instagram and ever since then I have been a huge fan of his work. He is not your ordinary rapper as he also produced the beat for his track and I consider that true artistry. "Juice" has racked up 23,000+ listens on Soundcloud with over 300 reposts and a plethora of fan made videos that have gone viral. Music and production are just two accomplishments under his belt though as Stackz also has a clothing line called "XX89" which is based on his designs, style, and trill inspirations via Big Cartel. Now on the Republic Of Texas Tour he can be seen getting the crowd live as he performs this track with a few other hits of his. StackzTooTrill has the support from his hometown of Texas for sure but he has also crossed international and state lines.  On his Instagram you can see his fans are everywhere from my hometown of Chicago,  to NYC, ATL, California, and the UK. "Juice" has become so popular that you can now purchase the track on iTunes, Spotify, and Google+ so you know that this Wave City Music Group artist is blowing up.  This young man is definitely on his way to becoming an artist that everyone loves, hears, and enjoys if not already!!!!! I have provided his contact and links to his music below. Make sure you support great trill music from an amazing artist who damn sure has the JUICE!

Instagram: Stackztootrill
Twitter: Stackztootrill
Tumblr: Tootrillxx89
Facebook: Stackztootrill

Saturday, January 24, 2015

BARRZ ft. Pyro Traxx and Splizzy Hendrix "Route Of Evil"

Life Behind Barrz: RELOADED


With his second mixtape, Life Behind Barrz:Reloaded, dropping in April you will began to hear more and more heat pumping out of Blow The Bank Entertainment. Barrz is a true artist that delivers a story well equipped with first and foremost BARS, but he also provides a pleasantly aggressive yet passionate approach which draws in the listener. He is unlike the mainstream artists' that seem to only encompass the whole flashy braggadocios trap lifestyle as he gives you the harsh reality of his past and present. I had the pleasure of working with Barrz for his track "I Want It All" featuring myself, Bad Milli, and I completely admire his dedication. His studio presence is very laid back as he will converse slightly but mainly engulf himself into whatever he is listening to in his headphones while getting into his zone. He also has a track"I Aint Your Bro" with his actual blood brother "Maine Rilla Stone" who caused a riot on that joint. Definitely, make sure to check that out and also look out for the featured song "Route Of Evil". "Route Of Evil" features Pyro Traxx and Splizzy Hendrix whom are two of the hottest out right now in the Bronx so this song has a little something for every type of listener. Each artists' on this banger brings something completely different to the table pertaining to style and flow then they attack each verse with a presence that provides great character. You can hear the entire song on his sound cloud page which I have provided the link below. I know I am eager as $hit for this mixtape to drop but in the mean time all the current fire he is producing is only making the wait worth it. Be on the look out for Barrz and the other artist' featured on his upcoming project. Real people who have been gifted to tell their story via music. LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email: LifeBehindBarrz@gmail.com